Banana Field Music Festival October 29th Coffs Harbour Racecourse


Getting to the Festival

PUBLIC BUSES - Busways runs public buses in the Coffs Harbour area. Visit their website for timetable information.

PARKING - Parking is $5 CASH ONLY per vehicle parking can only be accessed via Hogbin Drive. Please take NOTE that you cannot TURN RIGHT into the Car Park from Hogbin Drive you must continue around the roundabout and return.

DISABLED PARKING - Disabled parking is adjacent to the festival entry on presentation of the correct disabled parking permit. Entry is via Hogbin Drive

DROP OFF & PICK UP ZONE - This zone acts like an airport and you can only stop here when dropping people off or picking someone up that is ready waiting.  Entry via Howard St and located adjacent to the Driving Range NO PARKING and NO STOPPING PERMITTED on Howard St outside this Zone

TAXI RANK - A taxi rank will be located at the Entry of the Racing Club.

Leaving the Festival

Please be patient when leaving the festival, with so many people attending this can take some time but some info to help you out.

SHARE A RIDE - Arrange a group ride with your mates at the end of the night.

PARKING - Please be patient with exiting the venue everyone will be trying to leave at the same time.

DROP OFF PICK UP ZONE - If your ride turns up and you are not there they will be told to circle again. Like an airport they can only stop once you are there to collect. So give them a heads up when you are at the spot to collect.

TAXI - Services are limited and will endeavour to provide the most efficient service possible but plan ahead grab a couple of people heading in the same direction to share a taxi.  The taxi rank will be set up at the Entry of the Racing Club.